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Motions are videos and abstract moving backgrounds for use in your presentations. They work with ProPresenter, MediaShout, and similar programs.

​Stills are photographs and still frames of motions. They consist of landscapes, waterscapes, close-ups, and abstracts. They work with PowerPoint, Keynote, and similar programs.

Make an Impact

Media that gets Noticed

Multiple resolutions

All media come in 16x9 (HD 1080 & HD 720) and 4x3 (SD). They’re going to look great on any size screen.

Modern Styles

We create media with the latest design trends so that your presentations always look fresh.

Affordable Pricing

Our subscriptions work on any budget. Everyone should have access to great media.

Universal Compatibility

All media is Mac and PC compatible on all major presentation programs such as ProPresenter, MediaShout, Proclaim, Worship Extreme and EasyWorship, PowerPoint, Keynote, and Adobe CC.

Still Backgrounds

Every motion background has a matching still background. These images come in multiple sizes and work great for various graphics around your organization.

Eternal Usage

You’ll always have access to the all the media you download during your subscription period, even after you cancel your subscription.

Wow Factor

Our media stands out from traditional presentations and immediately catch the eye.

Increase Engagement

Dynamic slides bring an excitement that makes audiences of all ages want to get involved.


If you have any questions or have ideas about something you'd like to see, don't hesitate to contact us.

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